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They are the worest people to deal with I have ever met.. They harge 6000$ for water equipment and it doesn't work 2 days later.

Can't get anyone to come and even look at it. They never return your called an they take your money and run..Don't buy from these people. I spoke with a guy nae Alex ad he was a real ***.... I hope you ges out of business...

it is a terrible company. They do not own up to there agreement when they sell you there equipment, the installer sucks, and has no Idea what he is doing at all. It took him all day and it was never done right. I live in Tampa...

It was a real joke to dealwith all the people there. donot give themyour money...

find some who cares about what they re doing... they suck!!!

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This is a falsified complaint made by competitors. Southeast Water Systems is A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau with no outstanding complaints.

The company has thousands of satisfied customers state-wide. If there ever is any concern our actual customers have access to 24 hour customer service.


What is this person talking about??? The Culligan/Home depot rep ( not sales man) was very educational and helpful.

He was more concerned about making sure I understood all the issues with my water, savings I could gain, and the benefits of the other company's (or lack of)! What sold me is all the options he gave me and then let me decide. What really sold me was the fact he said the other water treatment company's meant well but they were misguided! The rep was here when my unit was installed, three days later to test my water and make sure I was happy.

Two days ago I revcived a note on the door saying he stopped in and rechecked my water at a outside hose!!! That was three weeks after my install! When I crunched the numbers it works out paying me in savings to have great healthy water! I guess Quality doesn't cost it pays!!

They also gave me free service for a year. Southwest water( Culligan ) is the best my wife and I are ecstatic!


My mother had this company put in a water system and she paid a pretty penny. Every year, Alex would show up and tell her that he needed to change filter, etc.

He would end up charging her an ungodly amount. She would pay it. This happened every year.

In August 2014, Mom had a leak in her irrigation system. She had called the irrigation company.

They were sending someone by. This guy shows up at her house on the same day. She thought he was there to fix that but he told her he was there to check her system. She told him "I did not call you." He said "Yes you did".

She called me immediately. I talked with him. I told him he needed to leave because he was not suppose to be there. He was telling me that if she didn't have her water system serviced, it could cost her thousands.

I reminded him that he was trespassing and he needed to leave immediately. He ended up giving her a bill and she paid it. Anyway, I called his company and left a message with the answering service and asked that they give him a message to call me. Guess what?

I have never heard from Alex. I believe in Karma. He will get back what he has taken from people.

Right now, I am looking at the charge on my Mother's credit card and it says "Southeast Water Systems, 813-901-8410".


Southeast Water Systems showed up at my Mother's house last night uninvited. When I asked who called him and he said "Your Mom".

I found out later that this guy is one that is trying to trump up business and just shows up at old customer's houses and tells them they need $400 worth of work done. I told him he needed to leave or I would call the police.

I will NEVER use this company. Yes, the guy's name was ALEX, and he was a ***>


Sorry you seem to be having problems, but we don`t work in Tampa. You may have confused Southeast Water Co. with Systems or Water Services, because they are located in Tampa. If you still need assistance, call us and we`ll tell you how to resolve your issue`s.

Best of Luck to you!

Thank you,

Robin Cooper, office manager


Southeast Water Co.

1170 Tree Swallow Drive, suite #323

Winter Springs, Fl 32708

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